Bennett’s Emergency Vehicle 3rd Birthday Party

My little boy is officially three!

For his party, I went back and forth on the theme. He is really into trucks of all kinds (especially fire trucks and construction trucks), cars, and Paw Patrol.

Once I thought of the emergency vehicle theme, I knew that was it!

He loves fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, and helicopters, and I love the fact that we had tons of toys to use for decorating!

Table Decorations

On the tables, we set up roads with little Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars we already had (lots of them were police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks).

One of my favorite parts was using my dad’s old cars from when he was a kid. At least in my experience, ambulance toys are hard to find! He had several from when he was a kid, so I was glad for those.

For the roads, we used this road tape from Amazon. The cost for table decor was perfect – since we used cars and trucks we already had, it was just the road tape!

Plus, there was some leftover tape for the birthday boy to play with after the party!

party decorations

This poster is super cute, even if I do say so myself! Click here to see or order the design on Tea Olive Design Shop.

For the cake, we went with this Paw Patrol cookie cake from Sam’s Club. Maybe not the most extraordinary cake, but I knew my little three year old boy would love it! Paw Patrol ties in with the emergency vehicle theme (I mean that’s what they’re all about, right?) so it works.

And a little more Paw Patrol with the balloons! I was disappointed to find out that emergency vehicle balloons are hard to find, or maybe it’s just my little town?

What I did do is use fire truck and police car toys for balloon weights. Why pay for weights when you can use toys? This idea would work for any theme!

Emergency Vehicle Birthday PartyInvitation

And here’s the invitation! (Tea Olive Design Shop)

Sound the alarms! We have a situation! Please join us for Bennett’s 3rd birthday celebration!

To make the firefighter napkin wraps, I just bought black napkins, wide neon yellow ribbon, and silver Washi tape. All you need to do is wrap up the silverware, loop around a flat piece of ribbon, and attach it together with the tape.

Easy and effective!


For the menu, we kept it totally simple! (Can you tell that’s the theme here? I’m ALL about keeping it cute and simple.)

Pizza, chips, fruit salad, cheese and crackers, cake, ice cream, and ….

The only themed food I made was these little stoplight graham crackers. These are so easy: it’s just a graham cracker, creamy peanut butter, and red, yellow, and green M&Ms.

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