Cute & Spooky Halloween Party for the Whole Family

Every year, we have a spooky cute family Halloween party. This is such a fun time to make cute treats and celebrate!

Our Halloween style is spooky-not-scary. None of us are into the really creepy stuff, plus we have a 3 year old, so we keep it cute and fun.

Halloween Party - Cute Treats

The other important part of the planning process is to

keep. it. simple.

That way, we can make a decent quantity of different types of treats without it being totally exhausting. My mom and I do all of the work, and there’s only so many hours in the day!

Here’s what we made this year:

Halloween Bats

Little Bats

These little bats take four ingredients and are SO easy to make! The inspiration came from Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

  • Oreo Thins
  • Miniature Reese’s Cups
  • Edible Eyeballs
  • Icing (you won’t need much, store bought works fine!)

First, break your Oreo Thins in half and take out the interior icing (great for snacking!). You should get four pieces for each cookie, but sometimes they don’t break smoothly. Use your hands, not a knife.

Put some icing in a plastic bag with the tip cut off. Use this to dot a spot in the corner of the broken cookies. Place two on each Reese’s cup.

Finally, dot icing onto the backs of the edible eyeballs, and add them to the top.

And that’s it!

Halloween Party - Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Pumpkin-Shaped Cheese Ball

To make a pumpkin-shaped cheese ball, you can use any cheese ball recipe, just so long as it’s ok to coat with crush Doritos.

Next, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and place it in a small bowl. You may want to give it some ridges, but we don’t think that’s necessary!

Refrigerate it for at least an hour.

Unwrap and roll the pumpkin in crushed Doritos for a bright orange color.

Cut out the stem of a pepper, and add it on top.

And that’s it! We like to use blue chips because of the nice contrast with the orange, but any chips or crackers will work well.

Halloween Party - Deviled Eggs with Olive Spiders
Halloween Party - Deviled Eggs with Olive Spiders and Eyeballs

Deviled Eggs with Olive Spiders

For this one, pull out your favorite deviled egg recipe!

Then, all you do is cut olives to make the spiders. We only do it on a few of the eggs because a lot of people prefer to eat the deviled eggs sans olives.

Cut one olive in half for the body, then cut another olive in eight slivers for the legs.

The beauty of this is that spiders naturally look a little wonky, so you can’t mess up!

Oh, and I guess some witch left some eyeballs in the tray. Those belong in a cauldron! Silly witch! (conversations with 3 year olds…)

Skeleton Veggie Tray - Halloween Snacks

Skeleton Veggie Tray

This skeleton veggie tray is so easy! Plus, you can do it with a wide variety of vegetables. We used:

  • Dressing (ranch or something similar), black olives, and a little lettuce for the head
  • Celery for the limbs
  • Cucumbers for the spine
  • Tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli for the joints
  • Peppers for the ribs
Halloween Party - Ghost Nutter Butters

Nutter Butter Ghosts

To make these little ghosts, you only need three ingredients!

  • Nutter Butters
  • White Chocolate
  • Chocolate Chips

Melt the white chocolate as directed on the package.

Dip each Nutter Butter in the melted white chocolate (using a spoon as needed).

Add three chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.

We love the way the flavors balance with this. You can easily gobble them up!

Halloween Party - Snack Time

And it’s all approved by the three year old!

Happy Halloween!

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