An Introvert’s Guide to Disney World

Does the thought of spending a few days with an enormous Disney crowd make you cringe?

Yeah, I get it.

My husband, my 2.5 year old son, and I are all introverted, and yet, we are WDW Annual Passholders and absolutely LOVE it.

So how do we deal with the crowds and enjoy our time at Walt Disney World? I hope these tips will help you brave it and enjoy all that this magical place has to offer!

1. Get in the mindset that this is a whole New world.

More than likely, you’re going to be in the midst of many more people than your ordinary life.

There will be rude people, slow people, fast people, ridiculous people, and also some of the best people ever.

Without fail, we always hear snippets of people complaining about other people.

And if I’m being honest, I know I’ve done it, too. We’re all human, right?

Really though, I highly recommend going to Disney World with an attitude of nonchalance about the actions of others. Everyone is really there for the same reason: to have a good time (or out of love for someone else who wants to have a good time!). Sometimes that brings out different sides of people.

If someone bugs you, just go somewhere else (the parks are BIG) and actively think about something else. You’ll never see that person again.

Walt Disney World Castle

2. Plan some downtime.

There are LOTS of ways to continue the Disney experience in a calm way.

I absolutely recommend planning some table service meals. Not only is it a great way to get out of the crowds, but it’s fun! There are SO many nice restaurants throughout the parks, resorts, and in Disney Springs which offer great food at a variety of price ranges and a continuation of that Disney World magic.

Also, ride some rides!! That may sound a little crazy, but a lot of the park rides are actually really peaceful. Here’s just a few of many:

  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
  • It’s a Small World
  • Na’vi River Journey
  • Carousel of Progress
  • Spaceship Earth

Other ways to plan some calm time? Schedule a daily break from the park – head back to your hotel for a nap, visit the pool, or go for a walk around one of the many resorts’ properties.

You may want to make the most of your money by spending every second you can at the park – but trust me, a little time spent away will help you enjoy the park moments more.

An Introvert's Guide to Disney - Skipper Canteen

3. Keep kids calm.

I know, I know, this sounds a little far-fetched. Keep kids calm?? If it was only that simple….

While kids are not a requirement for going to Disney World, they do tend to be involved. If you are going to Disney World with kids, I recommend trying to keep them calm, because when they’re not, everyone’s miserable.

An upset child in the middle of a crowd is (at least in this introvert’s mind) a form of torture. You feel like you can’t escape, there’s no easy solution, and there are people EVERYWHERE!

The best way to deal is to attempt to prevent it. Make sure they’re well fed (we don’t do snacks at home but you bet we do at Disney!) and well rested. If you’re able, try to keep a similar sleep schedule to what you do at home. You may have an angel child who naps in their stroller, or you may (like us) head back to the hotel room for a couple hours in the afternoon.

The reality is they’re probably not going to get as much sleep as usual, but every little bit counts if you want to minimize the meltdowns!

4. Be Flexible with your other travelers.

If you’re with a group of people, don’t feel like you need to spend every moment together. It’s ok to have different interests! Maybe some people want to go go go nonstop from rope drop till the middle of the night, while others want a slower pace.

Just be up front with each other and do attempt to spend most of your time together. I recommend mentioning spending a little time separately. If you bring it up mid-trip, your friends/family may think you’re unhappy with them or the way the trip is going.

Maybe you choose to meet up with the group later in the morning, go somewhere else in the afternoon, or head back to the hotel early. Having a little time separate from each other will likely make the time together so much better!

5. Go at the right time.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, it’s important to consider how crowded the parks will be. There are many factors to consider, like holidays, park festivals, new attractions, typical vacation time (like spring break), weather, and race weekends.

We’ve witnessed countless times when the day of the week can be a big factor. Magic Kingdom on a Thursday may be great, then two days later, Saturday is slammed! You’ll get cheaper hotel rates and more pleasant crowd levels if you’re able to travel during weekdays.

I recommend using the WDW Prep School Crowd Calendar to help plan your travel dates. This is super detailed and timely, so you’re getting the latest information.

Walt Disney World Toy Story Land

I hope this helps you prepare better for your upcoming trip or gives you the courage the plan one! I can promise you won’t regret it!

Are you already an introverted Disney-goer? If you have any tips, please share them in the comments below!

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