Starting the New Year in the Woods

I don’t like to start off each new year with a typical “eat healthy, lose weight” kind of resolution. Not because I shouldn’t….but in all honesty, I just know it won’t last!

So instead, I typically try to think of things that are a little outside the box and a little more realistic.

This year, I read online about the #150hoursoutside project by Leah McDermott, and I LOVE it! The goal is simple: spend 150 hours outside in 2019.  It equates to a little less than 30 minutes per day.

For us, it seems pretty doable, because we live in a pretty warm area, have a toddler and dog who like to be outside, and have a little flexibility with our time (and when I say “a little” I really mean a little). I truthfully hope to exceed 150, but I can understand how for some that might be a lot! And honestly, I don’t think the number itself matters. What appeals to me is that it’s a tangible quantity to keep us motivated, and there’s a community for encouragement and creativity! Click here to join the Facebook group and join this great group of like-minded people.

Time spent outside is so important to us because I want to encourage Bennett’s love of the outdoors and the Earth. Plus it’s good for his growth and development! It’s also good for us adults to keep our heads clear, detach from all of the technology, and get some fresh air and perspective.

SO… we spent some time today in our local woods. We’re blessed with one of the nation’s urban forests, and we love to spend time there.

When you grow up in a small town and end up moving back there, it is so easy to take for granted the great amenities it has. We may not have mountains or beaches or big bold things like that, but our woods are beautiful, well cared for, and include many many miles of trails to explore! We’ve been countless times, but with the #150hoursoutside project, we hope to make it a more regular experience for our family.

This was the first time that we chose not to take the stroller at all! Bennett walked with us the whole time, which means we all took a slower pace. We spent a good bit of time just dragging sticks through the dirt, but we walked a good bit too and enjoyed some very mild January weather.

What a great way to welcome in 2019!

What New Year’s resolutions do you have? Do you have any traditions for kicking off the New Year?

And is there something in your city or community that you overlook or undervalue just because you’re used to it? Maybe consider embracing it this year!



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